Human Resources (HR) Support for Businesses

We aren’t HR experts (we’re all about the numbers) so we’ve partnered with Foreshore HR, based on the south coast, who can deliver a range of Human Resource Consultancy services to our clients. 

We know the day to day pressures business owners face. There’s always a million and one things to think about and sometimes you feel out of your depth. They say don’t work with animals or people but one of those is pretty inevitable if you want to grow a business!

The trusted team of HR professionals from Foreshore are members of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and DevelopmentSo, when the time comes to expand your team, or perhaps it already has (woop woop!), they can offer advice and support in all aspects of Human Resource Management. From recruitment and selection through to employment law, managing long term sickness and other complex situations, Foreshore can support your business.

Are you wondering why have we partnered with a consultancy?

Well, as we said, we’re not HR experts but what we do know is that Human Resource Management is another thing (besides bookkeeping & accounts) that our clients often don’t have the time or expertise to deal with confidently.

Which HR services are available?

Foreshore HR are available to help our clients with every aspect of Human Resources. From recruiting excellent staff, developing employee handbooks and introducing appraisal schemes, to advising on employment law, creation of watertight contracts and supporting you with disciplinary procedures; they ensure businesses have the HR support they need. When they need it.

The services available include:

HR Tool Kits for Small Businesses

These tool kits have been created by friends at Foreshore HR. They contain all the information and templates you will need to manage these processes in-house. That being said, if you’d rather have someone to support and coach you through a process or procedure that service is available too.

The most popular tool kits available include:

To purchase a tool kit or arrange for a HR Consultation to discuss your needs, get in touch.

Need help with human resources?

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